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whats the app located?

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How do I solve level 67?

Okay. Who in here knows how to solve level 13/20?

*wonders how to solve Level 7 of the challenge puzzles*

*fails to solve Level 788 Should there be YouTube walkthroughs of this?


I loved this so much! Some really clever and fun variations on the basic picross formula.


Love the game! I love picross, and it's always interesting to see your alternate clues.


  1. Get rid of the ? clue type. It's utterly pointless.
  2. The pink clue type makes things a little too easy, perhaps nerf it a bit?
  3. Some of the levels have multiple solutions.
  4. Also, there are a few too many example puzzles after each new clue type.

this is AMAZING!

as a picross addict, who even finds "mega picross" easy as heck, this re-wired my brain in a brilliant way!

i want MORE!

will definitely download the game on google play. hopefully you can expand the game more and more. good luck!