More levels and more hint-types to come!

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hey i had your google play app downloaded before you removed it from the store. when i scroll through the levels, i get a blank page "181-211".

did you intend to build more levels? are you considering putting the app back on the store? thank you!

brilliant puzzle game. but kinda disappointed you removed the game from google play. any plans on putting it back on the store?

wont load

Very nice additional levels, I find some of them quite challenging, to the point that I need to print them out and mark up the printout showing possible combinations.

Thank you for enhancing the game/

I really like this game. I play Minesweeper++ once a day (without the heart symbol).

thanks, glad you like it!

What is the Heart hint? I can't see Facebook at work.

Hey there. Future updates (soon) will introduce the heart properly, with more levels

Nice concept, nicely done.

I enjoyed playing it.