Published 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withPixiJS
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice puzzle! Got stuck in level 5 though. Also, It's  like sudoku with a twist.


This is a cool game but I got very confused as to what exactly the numbers meant, some extra explanation like in your other games would be very helpful!

I think the numbers say how many blocks should be in that row

*nods* yeah, those numbers on the side I understood, it was the ones that showed up later in the middle of the board that confused me. 


My brains on fire! I loved every minute of it.


i made some walkthrough till level 20s. i must admit that this puzzle is really hard. its take the best out of me and now i need refreshing :D


I would love to hear some sound effects as soon as mobile version comes out. Stay tuned for more soon.

hello! this one is as good as your other efforts. best of luck!

any android version planned for on-the-go gamers? would love to play it in public commute without internet connection.


thanks keser!

actually yes, working on a mobile version :) just wanted to test out the game here first